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2007 - 2008 : Town Players 87th Season
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Talking With . . . .
        [A series of women's monologues]
                  By Jane Martin
Directed by Kate Gulliver

Production Dates
8PM Curtain Time on March 7, 8, 14, 15, 2008

This production will be at
Berkshire Community College's
Koussevitzky Arts Center
K-111 Stage


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Synopsis of the Show :

The play consists of monologues by women who have learned to cope with change, loss, lack of love and aging in their own unique, unconventional ways. Some face reality squarely and find ways of compensating, while others retreat into fantasy or ritual. Beneath their odd and sometime bizarre behaviors, we catch glimpses of ordinary people whose needs and emotions are not very different from our own, who share in our common humanity.  



The Monologues  


15 Minutes - An actress describes her experience on stage as a lacerating exposure of her inner self, and ponders turning the tables on the audience.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



Scraps - A homemaker copes with her boredom and feeling of insignificance by escaping into the fantasy world of Oz.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



Clear Glass Marbles - A young woman gives an emotional account of how her mother dealt with her impending death.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



Rodeo - A young woman who grew up riding broncos in the ring laments the commercialization and loss of community in the rodeo.
Picture of Young woman  :



Twirler - A young girl's enthusiasm for baton twirling becomes an obsession involving a bizarre and dangerous religious ritual.
Picture of Young girl : BOBBI GREEN



Lamps - An elderly woman describes the gradual loss of people in her life and the growing importance of certain objects that have meaning for her, especially the lamps she gradually extinguishes.
Picture of Elderly woman : JOAN COOMBS



Handler - A young Southern woman recounts her family's religious practice of handling snakes, its tragic consequences, and her own experience as a snake handler.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



Dragons - A woman in labor believes she is giving birth to a dragon.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



French Fries - A destitute old woman dreams of being allowed to live at McDonald's.
Picture of Character name here : Actor



Marks - A woman who narrowly escaped an attack is "marked", and her life is changed in a surprising way.
Picture of Character name here : Actor


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Random Pictures from the Production
All pictures, costumes and set designs copyright (c)20xx Townplayers of Pittsfield, Inc.


Diedre Bollinger    -    Fifteen Minutes






Lisa Weinstein    -    Scraps






Barbara Cardillo    -    Clear Glass Marbles
TP-Winter-TalkingWith-03-BarbaraCardillo-ClearGlassMarbles-sm.jpg align=






Melissa Quirk    -    Rodeo



Bobbi Greeen    -    Twirler




Joan Coombs    -    Lamps










Janna Delgado    -    Handler









Sarah Cooke    -    Dragons





Melanie Rivers    -    FrenchFries








Jennifer Young    -    Marks
TP-Winter-TalkingWith-10-JenniferYoung-Marks-sm.jpg align=


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Productions are at Berkshire Community College's Koussevitzky Arts Center
Robert Boland Theater

Berkshire Community College is located at 1350 West Street in Pittsfield

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